Weekly Prayer Requests 2/06/2013

Weekly prayer requests: Here are some requests left at the Prayer Request Book. Please pray for these request and share them with your friends. Requests can be left anonymously and only take a second. 

please pray for me



Financial Breakthrough

Trying to Conceive

I need your prayers

Family Prayer

In Need of Gods Help

Physical Healing!

Prayer Requests: Most visted Prayer Requests This Week

Below are the most visited prayer requests on the Prayer Request Book website. Please take a second and visit on the the requests and leave a comment or just simply pray. The prayer request website is an anonymous website offering visitors a simple and quick way to post prayer requests.

Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary St. Claire Novena
Heal my broken family Drug addict husband

Prayer Requests Posted on January 2nd

Here are some of the prayer requests postsed on the Prayer Request Book on January 2nd 2013. Please take a second and read the prayer requests and pray for them. You can also leave a prayer request in less than two minutes. All requests are anonymous. 

Nonprofit Prayer Request

Financial Blessings

Strength and Perseverance

2012 Holiday Prayer Requests

Below are some of the prayer Requests posted on the Prayer Request Book. Please take a second and look at the requests and pray for them. If you would like to post your own request it only takes a second and all prayer requests are posted anonymously.

Emergency Healings



Slow Recovery

A better Year Together

Road Blocks Out of My Way

Prayer Requests December 2012: Christmas Prayers

Here are some of the Prayer Requests from December 2012 postsed on the Prayer Request Book. Please take a second and please read through the prayer requests and it you can leave a comment. 



Lord, I Need Guidance

Pray for Peace In My Home


Protection For My Little Girl

Complete Restoration and Healing

More Belief

Prayer Request

Weekly Prayer Requests 11/04/2012

Weekly Prayer Requests: Below is a list of some of the prayer request posted on our site. These requests come from all over the world from people from all walks of life, all in search of a little prayer. Please take a minute and read a few of the requests and then leave a comment to let them know the prayers have been read.

Prayer Request: Secure and Safe

The Prayer Request Book has been rebuilt and is more secure and safer to post prayer requests. No password or account is needed and the precess of posting a request only takes a few minutes. If you would like to leave a prayer request please head over to our post a prayer request page.

Prayer Request: Miracle Needed


Prayer Request: Reconciliation

Prayer Request for J & A’s Situation

Salvation: Prayer Request

novena to the blessed virgin mary

Healing Please

Release of Evil Events

deliverence and good health


Prayer Requests from August 2012

Prayer Requests from August 2012. Here is a sampling of prayer requests from the Prayer Request Book posted in August of 2012. Please leave a comment or head over to the prayer book and leave a prayer request.

please pray for me

Christian Life for my Son

healing of cancer

Divine healing

Love and Marraige

restoration of relationships


Non-Denominational Prayers

The Prayer Request Book is a Non-Denominational prayer request site. Offering visitors a way to post prayer requests anonymously.

Pray for James and Jannie

Restore Relationship

Pray For Healing and Strength

Heal my broken family

Saddened Heart

Prayer for my Love

Cancer: Prayer Request

Please Pray for Me

New Prayer Requests

 Here are some of the recent prayer requests fromNew Prayer Requests from the Prayer Request Book the Prayer Request Book. If you are in need of prayer please head over to the prayer request book and leave a request.


Family Prayer Request

Save Teresa

Prayer Forgiveness

Prayer Request for Family

A Young Relationship

Prayer for my Family


Prayer Requests from the week of 3/1/2012

Prayer Requests for the week of 3-1-2010 There have been 2450 prayer requests posted on the Prayer Request Book. Below are a few of the most recent prayer requests. Please tale a second and read, share or leave your own prayer request. It only takes a second.

Let him live: Prayer Request

A Prayer Request for healing

Pray for me

Please pray for my grandson

A Prayer Request: i am extremely depressed